Prophet T B Joshua

Prophet T B Joshua


Visitors from all over the world are welcome at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, but it is advised that visitors coming from Abroad (Every other country outside Nigeria) should make arrangements in advance which is done by invitation. Thousands of people from all over the world are contacting SCOAN each day to get an invitation letter to pay pilgrims to the Church which is located at Ikotun-Egbe in Lagos State, Nigeria.

While few do come to the Church through invitation I can assure you that more than 90% come on their own without invitation. [Do you want to know why?]  Many are complaining of having written SCOAN for an invitation letter for more than a year and still haven’t gotten any reply while some do get theirs within the shortest possible time [No one can question SCOAN for such attitude]. Many of those that have applied several times without any reply then choose to take the risk to fly down to Nigeria on their own.

I do read the comments and post of hundreds of people anytime I check the SCOAN official facebook page or make searches of SCOAN on Google.  Most of the complains I realized are that of people abroad that are still awaiting their invitation letter, some claim they are still waiting for their invitation letter for the past one year and others claim months while others too claim years if you are part of such people and you really need to visit SCOAN urgently I have good news for you.


Seeing the number of people that always post Facebook comments and wall post on SCOAN Facebook page, tweets and makes searches about to how get to SCOAN and how to get the Anointing water I then decided to create this blog to help such people with the best way I can.


My name is AJIBOYE GIDEON. I am a Nigerian born in Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire). I attended Primary and Secondary education in both Ivory Coast and Ghana respectively. Today I am in Nigeria studying French Language in one of the Tertiary Institutions here in Lagos.  I’m approaching my mid 20’s, speak fluently French and English Language but little Spanish which I learnt while studying back in Ivory Coast.

 Side view of the Church ( SCOAN HQ) in Lagos, Nigeria

Side view of the Church ( SCOAN HQ) in Lagos, Nigeria


My house is at Cement which is in between Ikeja – Egbeda road and is roughly 10KM drive to SCOAN but due to too much gridlock in Lagos driving within this 10km can at times take 1hour or more.

I got to Nigeria Last year and have been to Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) alone, and on several occasions with my family most especially my Dad whom I asked to come down from Ivory Coast to attend the prayer line when his Diabetes and hypertension was becoming a serious issue. Thank God today he is doing well unlike before.


I wish to communicate to you these 2 helps which are the basics of all my helps.

1. Due to the complains of many Foreigners (From other African countries, Europe, America and etc.) that their invitation letters aren’t yet responded to meanwhile some are having Urgencies in visiting SCOAN I hereby wish to help such people with the necessary needed information and every other thing they might need when they decide to come down by themselves without any invitation which I can assure you that more than 90% of SCOAN pilgrims are doing now a days.  Nigeria isn’t this bad so I do not want you to be afraid of coming down by yourself if SCOAN hasn’t replied your letter/request and you think you need to visit within the shortest time. I can pick you up from the Airport on your arrival and drive you straight away to SCOAN [Same thing will apply if you come by road] or on the other hand you can charter a taxi right from the Airport to SCOAN but note that it is risky.  SCOAN is surrounded with many hotels of different kinds (5 stars and less anyone you wish) where you can lodge while the church respond to your ailment/mission.

Almost everyone that goes to SCOAN stays for a week to pray and attend services (Which include the Thursday prayer line deliverance service where each and every one will be touched by the wise men), have fellowship with other worshipers, purchases the anointing water and be inspired by the simple and practical teachings of God’s word by Prophet TB Joshua and if lucky you go back home with a prophecy from the man of God.

NB: The interesting thing is that when you visit the church international visitors are first taking care of before every other person due to the stress they might have pass through, thus one must always have his/her passport and other documents at hand anytime you are visiting the church from your hotel.  Other documents such as your medical report and if possible also come along with your country flag so has to draw the attention of the Ushers so you can always be cared for.

If you are coming to SCOAN due to any ailment such as AIDS, ASTHMA, TUBERCULOSIS, HYPERTENSION, DIABETES, CANCER and etc you are advised to come with your medical report(s) or else you might not be attended to. Those with physical ailments such MENTAL DISORDER, SWOLLEN BODY and etc do not need medical reports.

2. I wish to also help people those that cannot afford to come down to SCOAN but are in urgent need of the anointing water. Click here to read more about the anointing water and the help i volunteer to give on it.


I wish to stress this that although I am here to help I will not reply to any question concerning the controversy of Prophet TB Joshua and the SCOAN. I’m a human like every other person, I hate critics, I do not support malice, treachery or evil of any sort. I just believe people should be given a chance to do the work of God.  Thy shall not judge and you shall not be judged. Thank you!


If you have read my article and wish to discuss anything concerning all or some of the things I have discussed above here with me, nevertheless you think I can be helpful to you in any of the 2 basics options I cited above. You are free to contact me on

Twitter Acct:  @visitscoan         Facebook page: VISIT SCOAN      Contact number: +2348132252735